Day 20: Twitter Friends = Real Friends!

What is the power of social media? It can connect you with people on the other side of the globe. Before I came to Sydney I asked my Twitter community if they knew of any good Australians to connect with. @JennyKoreny suggested @extractors, someone she had met through a friend. I had seen him online before that featured in @Successfool’s blog, and now I was putting the two together. To make a long story short, I met Jason today for a cup of coffee at the World Square.

He is an inspiring person, looking to share his success with the world by helping people overcome obstacles and reach their goals. I think we both enjoyed hearing each other’s perspectives on Australia, California, and social media. I’m looking forward to meeting with him again, and it is nice to know I have someone I can ask questions and also someone to help me connect with others in the area.

I went to my first class of Organising Information, which looks like it’s going to be about relational databases. I took a class on this last semester, but of course I am realising I need to refresh myself! This class will go more in depth, and I will also be learning Microsoft Access which is a good program to put on my resume.

As soon as I got back from class, just after 9pm, I needed to get ready because it was Salsa Night! I missed the class, but the instructor informed us that it was a free night of Salsa music at a posh club downtown. While this really isn’t my thing, Sabrina really wanted to go, so we got all dressed up for a night on the town. Of course I put up a fuss about putting on a dress and heels, but it’s part of the process and I guess part of me enjoyed it. But when we got there, I think we were the nicest dressed people there! (very unusual for me.) I tried out the few moves I knew for a song or two, and spent the rest of the time admiring the “professionals” with real school. All in all an interesting night, but I not quite something I’ll do on a weekly basis. But hey, this semester is all about new experiences!

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