Day 19: Who needs a gym when I walk EVERYWHERE

A meeting in Kings Cross this morning got be out of bed at a reasonable time. I was meeting a girl at 11am by the El Alamein Fountain who had a new helmet for $30 that I found on GumTree (similar to Craigslist). I thought about taking the train, but I figured I would get to see more if I walked the 3.5 km. I feel like I’m getting to know my way around now – I know the shortcut to downtown, I recognize the street names, and I might even be able to give some directions.

I was a few minutes late because took a little longer than expected. I had to look around at all of the “Adult Stores” around me! Kings cross is known as the Red Light District of Sydney, so this made sense. There were also many bars and restaurants around and I’ve heard it can be fun to go out here, but I would not want to be alone by the Kings Cross Station at night.

I met the girl, Kendall for the helmet. It turns out she is American and was from Connecticut. She had a real world job for a while, but wanted a break and moved to Sydney for a few months on holiday. She was not returning to her old job, and had previously sold her bike to another American. She assured me I will love it here, and gave me the name a few places to go on bike rides. Meeting at El Alamein Fountain was a great location because it is something that many tourists want to see. Not because of the fountain, but because they have a street sign that points in several directions displaying how far away different cities all over the world are. I was 12,054 km from LA and 16,026 km from all my favorite New York sights to see. They should have a sign like that in every big city!

I decided to walk all the way home again, and boy could my feet feel it by the end. I took a different route this time going down Oxford Street, which is another place I hear is fun to go out. There were rainbow flags lining the street, and by the looks of the clubs I was pretty sure this was the Sydney equivalent to the Castro. Also on the way I went past the New South Wales Jewish War Memorial, which I will have to go back and take the tour of.

The rest of the day consisted of printing readings for my classes, working on my website, and reading. While I was happy to not buy books this semester, it is expensive to print the pages and pages of reading that I have! I like to have the copy in my hand so I can annotate and highlight, and potentially keep a copy for my future library of my classwork. I never took my reading too seriously at Sac State, but since I am taking postgrad classes I think it is important that I stay on top of them. Luckily I’m interested in the subjects, but this first round of readings is a little dry. I split up the tasks by working on my online CV, which is coming along better at this point. I finally found a WordPress theme to go with, and now I am personalizing it to fit my categories. I took the link down a while ago, and it’s still not up to standards of releasing. For now, all people will get is a glimpse of this trip!

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