Day 18: Blackwattle Bay FTW

Our late night game of Monopoly led me to a lazy Sunday. To counteract the laziness, Sabrina, Vanish, Alex and I went for a walk around town to enjoy the sun for a few hours. We ventured down Glebe Point Road because we heard there was a park that eventually led to the bay.

We continued down the road, enjoying the cute town of Glebe, and probably went much further than we were supposed to. Looking out we could tell the water was on our right, so we turned down the next street. The houses looked like old victorian houses with intricate railings, but not very well kept. They had individual style – one house had a purple door and trim painted like a dalmatian. Then all of the sudden, we reached the park and Blackwattle Bay, and the houses turned to modern beach townhouses that were probably worth $1 million each. An interesting juxtaposition if I say so myself.

The bay was beautiful, with views of the Sydney skyline and the Anzac Bridge in direct sight. People were fishing and runners exercised on the path. I will definitely have to come back here for some bike rides. We walked around the point, seeing rowers go by and a few small jellyfish in the water. I love having the bay so close – walking distance to water in several directions is definitely one of my favorite things about Sydney. We went back a different way, coming up on Wentworth Park and the Fish Markets. We’ll have to go back there for a meal and to buy some fresh fish for cooking.

Sunday evening should consist of homework, but I never have enough energy to follow through with good study habits at the end of the weekend. Instead, we watched Summer Heights High, a fake-documentary comedy about an Australian High School. I’ve been trying to pick up some lingo to use on the streets! (not so much)

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