Day 17: Scavenging the City

I tried for another semi-early start this morning (well, 11am, not too bad) as Emily and I walked to the Glebe Markets to check out the merchandise. There were stalls set up covering a the Glebe Schoolyard where people sold clothing, arts and crafts, jewelry and accessories, and of course some food that smelt delicious. I didn’t buy anything, as it wasn’t quite my style (or price range in some cases), but it was nice to see a little more culture in the area.

After getting back to our flat, we made it a cleaning day! We woke up the late sleepers, cleared out our cabinets, and cleaned and organized everything in the kitchen – including our favorite things like the Urban Kitchen cutlery we got just few days ago. We are very lucky to have so much kitchenware, but some of it was a little gross and scattered all over the place. After some intense teamwork, our kitchen was sparkling and the counters were cleared. A job well done by all. I feel very lucky to have good flatmates, because I know how bad it can turn out.

Then it was time for the scavenger hunt. Our team, Hella Heaps Proper Legit (taking words from all of our “languages”) consisted of me, Emily, Greg, and Sabrina, and we were ready to win! Student Housing organized this event, where teams of four had two hours to run all over Sydney taking pictures of landmarks that were all worth different point values. Armed with Sabrina’s Canon G9, we were set to go. Unfortunately I was wearing flip flops, not thinking that we would be running down the street. Oh but we did. At least until the bus stop, then we slowed down. We took the bus to Circular Quay to start and worked our way back to Gumal. We covered many areas that I had been just a few days before when we walked to Hyde Park, so I felt like a pro Sydneysider. Kinda.

It was a very tiring two hours, and by the end we had pretty much given up, and received a penalty for arriving late. I think we got 7th place, but we felt cheated because they didn’t count our creative picture of a policeman on a horse – we took a picture of a picture in the Justice Museum. That was worth 50 points and would have bumped us up to at least fourth. The winning team was 3/4 Aussies, and they were in appropriate running attire. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, and we got in our exercise for the day. Everyone was worn out after, so we made it a low key night and played Monopoly – which as most people know never ends up that low key.

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