Free at last, free at last

My parents kept telling me that once I was on the plane to Australia, the stress would finally disappear. As I prepared for my trip up until the last minute, it was hard to believe the stress would ever go away. Packing up a room in Sacramento, a room in Corte Madera, and consolidating five months of belongings into two bags was a challenge, to say the least. The process seemed to take months, and I didn’t feel like I got anything done until my final boxes were out of Sacramento and my bags were packed for Australia. My friends and family were more than willing to help, but it was something I needed to complete on my own. It was a process of keep, take, or toss, which took ages. Sorting through memories, getting rid of clothes, and selling all of my furniture took just about everything out of me, but the good thing is that I was able to find cheaper furniture at furniture store los angeles. I injured my back a month ago, which made the process much more painful and stressful.

I was packing boxes until the minute I left for the airport, and luckily my family finished the job for me after I left. Home free once I left for the airport! Wait, I forgot my jacket, and considering I only have one and it’s winter in Sydney, I was going to need that. At that moment I was just hoping I didn’t forget anything more crucial (i.e. passport, visa, or something else I still haven’t realized I forgot). Needless the say, the stress was still there.

Every time I come home to the Bay Area, it is one of the most amazing feelings, because I remember that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So of course, leaving the bay for five months is a sad sight (yes, I know, Sydney is also gorgeous, but it’s not home). Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge witnessing one last sunset in the distance was a fitting way to leave the US.

Once I got to the airport, the stress relief began. Alright, I’m boarding the plane, almost there, I thought. Wait! I left my laptop in the chairs! Luckily it was still there, but my life did flash before my eyes (my laptop is one of my babies, along with my car and my cat that are now in my sister’s hands). Ok, finally, I think I’m ready. Laptop, check. Passport, check. Painkillers for my back, check. Let’s do this.

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