Day 9: The End of O-Week

Finally made it to our last day of orientation! It has been a long and eventful week where UTS impressed me, but it has also been tiring and a bit redundant. This morning I went to a study session on writing academic papers. All I really wanted to learn was how they reference work in their essays, but that was the one part they skipped over! Oh well, at least it got me up in the morning so I could do something with my day.

For lunch we went to Broadway Cafe because they were having a special – $5 burger and fries/salad with the purchase of a drink. That’s where they get you – $3 bottle of water makes the meal a bit more expensive, and the small piece of chicken was lacking. I guess you live and learn.

Instead of heading back home, we decided to check out a park that Sabrina had seen on Google Earth before she came. It was a nice park, and there was a swimming pool! We quickly realized it was the University of Sydney as we walked up towards the beautiful sandstone buildings. They have such a gorgeous campus! We only small a small section of it, so we will definitely need to do some more exploring. As we looked up at one of their buildings, a tour came through with a docent giving some history about the Uni. We decided to jump in with the tour, and ended up visiting one of their Museums! It was a great experience where we learned more about Australia – I finally felt like I was getting out and seeing more of the sights.

And of course, to end O-Week we had the Union Party – our last Happy Hour! This was at the Glasshouse, another pub inside the UTS Tower, just down the stairs from the Loft. It seems like Australians always go out early and come home early (very opposite to Europe), but I think that is just because our events have been centered around Uni. Again we saw some of our friends, and met some new ones along the way. I hope I get to keep meeting people every day like I have during O-Week, but it won’t be quite as easy without these regularly scheduled events. I’m sure we won’t have any problems though – there should always be something to do or see as long as we have enough energy!

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