Day 8

I was intending to go to a workshop on reading for academic purposes at 10am, followed by a session on academic English, but no one else was going so I didn’t have quite enough motivation. I figured if these sessions were anything like some of the others I had been to, I wasn’t going to learn anything new. Instead I headed out to do some real grocery shopping. This time I went to Bi-Lo, which is like Coles, but a little cheaper. I was much happier with the prices and started to figure out how I am going to be eating here. I probably won’t be cooking very much meat (mainly tofu stir-fry and eggs), but that isn’t much different from how I cooked back at home. Oh and I almost forgot! Here is something different than in the US – you are allowed to take the trolleys (shopping carts) all the way back to your flat! This time I only had a few grocery bags, but other times we have brought it all the way up to our room. The things that amaze me here…

Later in the evening we headed over to the rooftop of Gumal for some free smoothies courtesy of UTS Housing. Now that we have met a lot of people living in housing, it was nice to look around and see people we knew. Afterwards a group of us went back to Bulga and hung out in the common area listening to music. An uneventful night, but it was fun getting to know people better.

P.S. I tried to update my Twitter status using my mobile, but it looks like it’s not going to work 🙁
I guess I’m going to have to be better about keeping up with this blog then, or hopefully get a job so I can afford to do some mobile blogging 😉

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