Day 6

Today was the second day of orientation, meaning more lectures to sit through and a little more free food (this time not as much, but we enjoy anything free). The sessions were starting to get a little redundant and aimed more at new uni students, but there was some useful information scattered throughout the speeches. One thing I did learn was that it is good to participate and speak up in class. This was very good for me, because I tend to participate frequently, almost too a fault. I was a little worried I would have to keep my mouth shut more, but I guess not!

After lunch I went along with Sabrina and Vanish down George Street to the CBD to open an Australian bank account. In order to pay our housing fees every 2 weeks, we needed to have a local bank account so they could use direct debit to cover our rent. I went to Westpac because I had heard it had connections with Bank of America. It turns out that doesn’t help very much, but I continued to open an account with them because it was free for students.

Later that evening I was supposed to have a Faculty Welcome session for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I almost didn’t make it in time, but was lead in the appropriate direction and saw a familiar face attending the same session. As it turned out, neither of us were supposed to be there. Because there are so few new/international communication students, there was no Faculty Welcome even set up for us! I was a bit sad by the news, but it made me look forward to taking classes with mostly Australian students.

Today I also finally got a cell phone! I realized I didn’t really need a fancy phone with a camera and Internet at this time. While it would obviously be nice, I’m not sure if spending the extra money (cell phones are very expensive here, especially since I’m not getting a contract) will make me that much happier. I am getting along well enough without one that I think my simple Nokia brick phone will get the job done (for now at least). Maybe when I have a job and more money I’ll step it up – it would help me share my trip a little easier!

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