Day 4: Taking in the Aroma

Today we did a little more site-seeing as we headed off to The Rocks for the Aroma Festival – a festival about coffee, tea, and anything else that smells good! Again we had our trusty guide Hitesh to take us on the right bus the headed down George Street straight to the festival.

We made it down to the end of George Street (they had part of the street blocked off for the festival) and saw the crowds of people, and of course to my liking, the water! Another beautiful sunny day in Australia’s winter, and there we were staring at the Sydney Opera House on the other side of the bay! It was much more impressive in person to me, and it helped me realize that I wasn’t in the US anymore, this was SYDNEY.

The Aroma Festival was very nice – wonderful smells, a lot of expensive treats, live music, and beautiful scenery. I’m looking forward to checking out other events they have by the Rocks, as well as the Contemporary Art Museum located in the same area. Even if there is not special event going on in the area, there is a street fair every weekend. We saw some beautiful photography which made me excited to learn the city to know the best times to take out my SLR to get some good shots.

After making the rounds and grabbing the least expensive food (Subway for us poor Uni students), we started walking back to our flat. On the way we saw the free 555 bus that loops around George Street to Central Station, so we hopped on (and rode it a little too far, but oh well).

When we got back to our flat, we saw some couches sitting outside the building. Again, being the poor uni students we are, we took advantage of everything free, and took two small couches and a chair to decorate our flat. Now when people come to visit, we have more room for sleeping! And on our way back up, we met some new people in the lift (elevator – my international thesaurus will be coming soon). New friends from Australia and France came and hung out for a while, helping out flat become the hang out place we all envisioned it becoming.

All in all, another good day with new places and people!

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