Day 3

After sleeping for nearly 16 hours, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day. Sabrina and I headed over to Gumal, the other student housing building down the road, to meet 2 friends from her Uni (Vanish and Karolina) and to get some things at the “free stall.” The free stall was an event where Housing was giving away items from people who used to live there for a small donation. I made out with a bunch of hangers, cotton balls, and a reusable grocery bag (all for $2 – not too shabby).

Gumal is a much nicer residence hall than ours. While the individual rooms may be a bit smaller, the flats have a lot of light coming in, and one or two balconies! And from the rooftop of the 9 story building there are BBQs, a small workout area, and views of city. This is where several events will be taking place during orientation week and throughout the semester.

We then took my second trip to Paddy’s Market after picking up Hitesh on the way. When we stopped by the flat, we had a new flatmate moving in to 204A. This is when I realized how small the world reall is. Greg, from Tracy, California, attending CalPoly, knows people that went to my high school! Here I am on the other side of the world, living with people from 5 different nations, and down the hall is someone that knows the same people as me from home.

After getting over the fact that I was living with a fellow Bay Area-ite (?) we ventured out to Paddy’s, but didn’t buy anything this time around. We checked out Market City above, where Vanish, Karolina, and Sabrina checked out their cell phone options. I wasn’t sure at this point what company I wanted to go with, especially since I was going to have to buy a phone because mine from the US doesn’t have a SIM card. Vanish had a iPhone that needed to be unlocked which would take 2 hours, so we ventured off to check out Darling Harbour.

Finally I got to see the water! Being on the harbor really made me feel like I was at home, smelling the salty air and seeing the boats all around. I am always excited and comforted by water, and it was even better as the sun went down casting beautiful colors on the surrounding buildings.

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