Day 2: Move In Day!

After going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up around 9:15am, I think I am starting to get adjusted to the time zone. I slept well in the hostel, and wasn’t even awakened by others coming into the room (got to love Benedry!) and I was ready to pick up my heavy bags and make the short trek to the UTS tower building to start the move in process.

Even though my residence, Bulga Ngurra was a short 6 minute walk from the Tower, I was quick to accept the offer of a ride to my building. Of course when I went to get into the truck, I was very confused when I thought the driver was asking me to sit in the front on the left side – did he want me to drive?!?! I soon realized that the steering wheel was on the RIGHT side of the car, but not before the group of girls coming along had a good laugh. It hasn’t seemed to weird to see cars driving on the left side of the road, but to be IN the car was a different story, plus the air compressors were positioned in a weird way! Left hand turns on red are something I am going to have to get used to.

Room 204D in a six bedroom apartment. Fully furnished including kitchen accesories, so luckily I am not going to need to buy too much. I will give you a real tour later, after I get settled in. I met three of my flatmates today (they don’t call them roommates here) and they are all very nice. In 204B we have Emily, an Australian from the central coast studying nursing. She has been at Uni for a year now, but this is the first time she is living on her own. In 204E we have Sabrina from London, studying international business at Westminster University. She will be here for the semester like me. data mining And in 204F we have Hitesh, in his final semester as an MBA student studying finance. He has been living in this flat for a semester already, and was happy to have flatmates again.

After getting semi-settled and semi-unpacked, Hitesh took Sabrina and me to the Broadway Mall to do some grocery shopping and get essentials like a comforter. Interestingly enough we went to Target to get a comforter, but it was different than in the US.

Mainly Payday Champion was much smaller, and the prices were higher (as I have found with most things in Sydney). Grocery shopping was an interesting task to say the least. I had to get used to things being measured in kg or grams, and their portions are much smaller (lunch meat and tofu specifically). Also, they don’t refrigerate their eggs! I’m sure it can’t be a bad thing though, they are all still alive. But eggs are around $4 for 12, almost twice what I paid at Trader Joe’s. I ended up only buying a few things, because I really need to go back and scan everything before I decide how I want to buy food. It will be easier once I have a set schedule and know when I will be cooking meals at home.

While we thought about going out tonight to see the city in all of its glory, jet lag got the best of me as I laid down for a nap at 6 pm, and didn’t wake up until 11 pm. Needless to say, I didn’t go out, and enjoyed the sleep that I was obviously lacking.

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