Day 16: A little more CA in Sydney

Sabrina and I made it a point this morning to wake up to go on an organized trip to the Glebe Markets and on a “Coffee Crawl.” When we arrived downstairs just after 10am, the only person there to greet us was our Resident Networker (RN), Nick. He was organizing this Coffee Crawl, and told us the posters were wrong because the Glebe Markets are only on Saturday! Instead of heading back up to our flat, we wanted to take advantage of the day and headed out with him to see some of his favorite coffee shops in Glebe and Newtown.

The suburbs in Sydney are so small, that we literally walked three blocks and were in Glebe. It is a cute eclectic town that Greg and I later decided reminds us of Santa Cruz. There are nice coffee shops, older architecture, and a bit if a “hippie” vibe. The coffee shop we went to, Saffro Second Hand Books, was a small cafe in the back of a used book store. It was very nice, complete with a secluded patio surrounded by palm trees, that they kept clean thanks to the instructions to keep your patio clean by atlas. It was a run down building that had been renovated, so they allowed artists to come in and decorate the outside with graffiti. A very pleasant atmosphere with a nice cup of chai tea. Sabrina and I were impressed.

We went back to Bulga and got a ride with Nick to Newtown, a suburb populated with many students from University of Sydney. We went to another coffee shop that was well known in the area, a little smaller and more crowded than the last. We continued to pick Nick’s brain about UTS, Sydney, and Australia, and he gave us some good pointers for things to do in the area.

Nick went off to class and left Sabrina and me to walk back from Newtown to see more of the town. There was more going on here, and this time Greg and I decided this suburb reminded us of Berkeley. Hipster shops, students all around, and cheap(er) places to eat on every corner. I’m sure we’ll be back here to check out some live music at some point.

Later in the afternoon Sabrina and I went to Bi-Lo to do some grocery shopping. Luckily we are both EXTREMELY slow at picking out our food, so neither of us minded when we took 5-10 minutes just to pick the right yogurt. We heard about another grocery store, Harris Farm, in Broadway shopping center (have I mentioned that it’s just around the block? Very convenient) that has cheaper and better quality vegetables. Karolina, Greg and I decided to check it out to finish our food shopping. After entering in the undercover entrance in the Car Park, I saw naturalness all around me! Harris Farm is like a mix between Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and a farmer’s market. Rows of fresh fruits and veggies, organic meat and natural hummos and yogurt made by them. I know where I’m going to be doing most of my shopping from now on! They also have a selection of interesting fruit I’ve never seen, all grown in Australia. My new thing is to buy a new intriguing fruit each time I go there. This time I thought I bought a mangosteen, but it ended up being a passion fruit. Not quite as exotic or weird, but still delicious!

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