Day 15: So much to see in walking distance!

My day started with going to the bank to get my ATM card – success this time! I also went to the UTS Library to copy some pages to read for my Information, Society, and Policy class (ISP). Their library works a lot like Sac State’s, with a reserve book area to check out texts for two hours at a time. One thing that was different was that I needed to swipe my Student ID just to get inside! I guess that is the security they need for being located in the CBD.

On my way back I ran into Karolina (I knew she was heading in my direction, but it was still cool to “randomly” see her walking on the street). She was also going to get her ATM card, but she didn’t have her passport with her, so they wouldn’t give it to her. We both walked back to Gumal to meet other friends and convince them to walk around Sydney with us until our evening classes.

After picking up Vanish and Mohammed (who we call Ma-Mo – Mo from Manchester) we headed out on our walk to check out Hyde Park. On the way we found cheap sushi we were looking for – $1.50 for a large roll! (a litte smaller than a hand roll) We made our way to Hyde Park where we had ourselves a little impromptu picnic. It was a nice area in the middle of the CBD, filled with others enjoying the nice weather, and a guy throwing a boomerang directly at everyone he saw, for it only to come right back to him.

We continued our adventure through the park and made our way to the botanical gardens. It was quite nice there, but I can imagine it will be even better when more flowers are in bloom – and I hear there are bats I didn’t see! As we kept walking the bay became visible, and we knew we were only a short distance from the Opera House. Soon we saw the Harbour Bridge as the sun started to fall, and sure enough there was the Opera House, right at our feet. And of course, as we were directly in front if it, my camera died. Figures. But no worries, I know I will be back there, next time with my DSLR and wide angle lens to capture some interesting and abstract angles of the architectual beauty. (the pictures I managed to get will be posted soon)

As the magic hour hit (stupid camera battery!) we made our way around Circle Quay to the buses to get back in time for class. And stopped for ice cream on the way…mmmm, dinner! Loving the free 555 bus, we hopped on and took it back to central station and made our way home.

Class this evening was Digital Libraries and Collections. I wasn’t too happy about having a Thursday night class, but it seemed interesting and I was looking forward to testing out the field of information studies. When class began, the professor asked, “Who is Jenna Langer?” I knew for some reason it would be me she was asking for. But why? Not because I was an international student, but because I was the ONE undegraduate in a post graduate class. While I may have completed the requirements for my BA, I didn’t think I was already taking grad school classes! The professor, Maureen, reassured me I would be fine, mentioning that the last undergrad who took the class got a high distinction. But of course it was going to require a lot of work.

After sitting through the lecture, I became excited for the class. Maureen spoke with such enthusiasm about the topic, and I am a dork and get gitty talking about organizing and visualizing information. She also spoke of her relationship with a colleague from Berkeley, so that seemed like a plus! Many people had heard this was a hard class, but I feel like I have good prior knowledge to help get through it. Other students were also taking her class called Organising Information, which seemed like a good class to take at the same time. When we were finished I asked her about the possibility for me enroling in that subject, and since I have practicially finished my bachelor, she told me it was very possible. Here I went from being worried about taking a postgrad class to being willing to enrol in a second! I figure I might as well step it up, and this will help me see if I want to study information management in the future. The workload will be rigorous, but I’m up for the challenge.

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