Day 14: Ah! Time for Class!

Sleeping late is a wonderful thing when you stay up until 2:30am. And no, I was not out late at the pubs. I was on a conference call with other Social Media Club members for the #SMCEDU Kickoff Meeting. SMC is starting an initiative to bring social media education to universities and to connect them with local SMC chapters. They are stressing the importance of recent graduates to have skills in social media, and currently there is little curriculum and support in higher education. If you need education seminars services, visit for more information. This was very interesting to me because I am very interested in the topic, but I consider myself mainly self-taught. I have studied the theory behind compter-mediated communiation and new media, but I often found myself ahead of the social media curve compared to my professors and other marketing professionals trying to enter the field. I would like to study some aspects of social media in postgrad, so I thought this was a logical program to get involved with. The working group is made up of several educators and professionals, which is why I thought it was important to get involved early to share the student perspective.

The conference call was very informative, and I even got to share my two cents! (Read about it here.) It is great to see so many teachers passionate about getting it involved in universities, and I can only hope it helps me find a postgrad program that will support my study goals. I am looking forward to the future of it and I’m hoping to get Sydney involved as one of the pilot cities.

After enjoying my slumber, I woke up to the vacuuming of the cleaners (yes, they clean the common areas once a week, but not that well), and slowly made my way to the shower to get ready for my class in the afternoon. When I got out of the shower and began to get ready, my computer beeped at me reminding me I had class in 15 minutes! Silly me, thinking my class was at 2pm, not 1pm. I quickly threw on some clothes, brushed my dripping wet hair, and hustled to class. Luckily I made it on time, as to not make a bad impression on the first day.

This class was titled Information, Society, and Policy. I had really been looking forward to it, but when we began it didn’t seem as interesting as I would have hoped. It is more government based than I would like, as we are learning about policy making and how it affects information and communication infrastructure, access, and control. We don’t have a similar class at Sac State, so it will be good to learn about the system in general. Also, I think it is what I make of it, and as long as I choose topics that I am interested in I will enjoy it.

Class finished early enough that I was able to head to the bike store in Glebe to get my tires pumped, chain lubed, and buy a lock. And of course since Sydney is sooo expensive, the lock cost me $50! I probably should have waited and bought one online, but I felt bad because they helped me with the other things on my bike. Oh well, living and learning… again I guess. Next step is buying a helmet, then eventually getting over to the Nunnery (a bike co-op here, nothing to do with nuns) to get my chain and derailer looked at. For now, I’ll keep walking around the city to get my exercise and discover new places.

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