Day 13: Banking, Shopping, and Salsa-ing

After all of the stressing over my bank accounts, I figured out it was much easier than I thought… Greg, my fellow Californian flatmate has a Bank of America account as well, and said he hasn’t been getting charged anything to withdraw money from the Westpac ATMs! So I did all that stressing just to learn it was as easy as taking cash directly out of the Westpac ATM from my B of A account and depositing it directly into my Westpac bank account. Now I’m just upset I stressed out so much, but at least I have it figured out and I shouldn’t have any more problems.

Now that I have that sorted out, Sabrina and I headed down to the banks on George Street to pick up our debit cards. I thought all I needed was to bring my Student ID to verify my status, but I guess I needed my passport as well, which I didn’t not bring along. Oh well, nothing I needed right away.

We decided to walk back and do a little bit of shopping on the way – I am in need of a few things that I didn’t even have back at home. We went inside Central Station to the cheap clothing shops, and were quite successful! I bought a sweater, jacket, and some tanktops I needed all for under $40. It isn’t the highest quality clothing, but it got the job done.

All I can think about is how frustrated I am with what I actually did and didn’t bring to Sydney. I brought my Uggs which I have only worn once, beanies, gloves, warm leggings, and long sleeve shirts… all of which I will probably never pull out again. Of course what I didn’t bring that would have been useful are another pair of flip flops, hoodies, capris, a bike lock, beach towel… I think if I had brought what I wanted and left the other things behind, it would have been the same amount of room in my suitcase! Nothing I can do about it now, which is another reason I would like a job so I can buy some of these things when I am here. It is only going to get warmer, and I don’t have enough clothes for the season – not to mention I’ll come home and move to the mountains where I will need winter clothes again! I guess that’s the problem with these switched seasons – but I can’t complain about winter being too warm… if there is no snow to enjoy, bring out the sun!

After having a wonderful fight with Comcast (I’m not going to go into it, it makes me mad to think about it), we went downstairs to check out the first session of the weekly salsa class in the common room of Bulga. Our initial intention was just watch, but of course we jumped right in and learned the moves. While I like to go out and dance every now and then, I do so like I dance in my room – I know I look dumb, but I have fun doing it. Salsa is a little different considering you have to know the basic steps to get going. After dreading the first part of the class, it ended up being a good time. It is a dance that is easy to do if the man knows what he is doing, and now that I know the basic steps I shouldn’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. Sabrina is quite the dancer and is convincing all of us to go out to a club next week where they have Salsa every Tuesday. It is supposedly a bit swanky, so we’ll see how that goes…

I’m staying up late tonight to be on a Social Media Education conference call that starts at 1 am (8am pacific). Luckily I don’t start class until the afternoon so I can sleep late…

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