Day 11: Trains, Rain, Meat, and Bicycles

As expected, it was quite a gloomy day. Perfect for running errands. I won a bike on eBay for $50 and I had to pick it up in Auburn, a suburb outside of Sydney. Sabrina and our other two friends, Mo and Mo, needed to go in the similar direction to get Halal meat and sheesha (an Indian water pipe for smoking tobacco). I was happy to have company on my long journey, especially because the guys were much more familiar with the area than us.

We took a train to Lakemba, a small town consisting of one main road, to get sheesha and meat. This town was not very nice, but had culture and showed me what it was like outside the city. We were happy to be heading to these places on a gray day, because we felt like we weren’t missing much back in the city.

Unfortunately there was track work on the way to Auburn, so we spent a lot of time waiting and transferring on trains. Eventually we made it, when it was almost dark, and when the rain started to drizzle on us. Because it was such a long trip and it was raining, I pretty much just wanted to take the bike and go. I knew the bike wasn’t in the best condition (rusty, probably a little small, and the gears need some work), but we had taken this long trip so I was determined to return with the bike. Looking back at it I probably should have waited for a better bike, but too late now! I found a place like the recyclery we have at home where they will hopefully help me try to fix up the bike. At least I will learn something about bicycle maintence! (This is me trying to stay postitive.)

After a long first week, it’s time to get ready for classes. I start tomorrow at 2pm, and I’m looking forward to it a little too much…

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