14 hours of flying, and not enough sleeping

Alright, made it on the plane finally! My seat as 56B, a middle seat on the right side (I probably could have gotten a window seat if I checked in earlier, but that was one of the last things on my mind when I was getting ready to leave). As I slowly made my way down the aisle, I crossed my fingers, hoping for a good seat mate. My fantasy was that I would be seated next to the man that would eventually become my gorgeous Australian husband, and he would be my personal guide all around the country. This didn’t exactly happen, but I was lucky enough to have good people on either side of me.

To my left in the window seat was Dave, a college hockey player from Alberta, Canada going to visit a friend. I could immediately tell he was outgoing and on his first trip to Sydney. As soon as I put my stuff down, we began to chat and spent a large portion of the flight learning about each other and getting ourselves excited for the adventures we were about to partake on. Neither of us had much luck sleeping, so the conversation helped pass the time.

Dave was getting picked up by his friend, at 6:25 am when our flight was due to arrive. What was my plan? Well, I didn’t really have one, and it was starting to worry me. What was I going to do that early in the morning? It was still dark outside, so I assumed not much would be open yet.

Luckily my seat mate on my right was Davi, a middle eastern women from Sydney. She slept for the majority of the flight, but she was very nice and offered to share a cab with me and was going to let me stay at her house until the afternoon when more hostels would be open. While I didn’t end up going to her home, she was very helpful and sent me in the right direction. I think I started off my trip on a good note.

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