Iowa, here I come!

Yay! I’m on summer vacation! Wait, not really. After being out of school for a few days, moving out, and packing I am in Iowa starting my summer job. Waking up at 4 am for my 6am flight was not the best way to start my summer. After the first leg of my flight I wound up in St. Louis where there was thunder and lightning. What was I getting myself into!?! After boarding this flight I met the first member of the REU, Cody. We spoke briefly before I fell asleep and woke up arriving in Iowa. From there we met the next person, Sam, my roommate. The three of us had an amusing camper rental ride getting to know each other and getting lost before arriving at Frederiksen Court. After a short hour of moving in, we met the rest of the group to have dinner at Pam’s house.

Dinner was fun and gave all of us a chance to converse and learn about each other. Everyone was really nice and I can tell we are going to have fun together. We met all of the graduate students as well. After dinner we took a group trip to WalMart. That was nice considering I didn’t have a blanket! I left there knowing I would sleep well. I didn’t feel as bad about shopping at WalMart (what a bad corporation!) after I took many plastic bags from them for trash. That will show them!!!

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