Don’t Sleep and Drive

I totaled my car on Monday. Driving west on 50, on the way back from South Lake Tahoe, just east of Placerville. I dozed off for a second, hit a gutter on the side, lost control, and went right through a road sign. Luckily I’m okay and no one else was involved, but my mom fractured her vertebrae. I don’t even like coffee, but I think it might be my new best friend. That is when I start driving on longish trips again. That dent in the front is from the road sign…luckily I hit it pretty straight on, or else i could have flipped over! Say goodbye to my car, cuz thats the last time you’re gonna see it.

I lost my back wheel too...
pretty sweet dent...and the only thing messed up on the inside of the car was one vent broke off and the airbags deploying

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